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About SurveyIT

SurveyIT © offers a straightforward and comprehensive, web driven, surveying solution to the Asbestos industry.

It significantly reduces the time spent surveying and manually producing reports, allowing surveyers more time in the field to conduct surveys and generate revenue.

It uses the latest web technology enabling users to have complete confidence in the security of their data from any web enabled device.

Surveys can be carried out on either Apple or Android phones or tablets, giving Surveyors the choice to get on with the job without extra expensive kit.

Straightforward, Affordable, Comprehensive – these values are at the heart of SurveyIT.

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Benefits and features

SurveyIT delivers lots of benefits over using a traditional manual surveying solution.  It is fast, simple and easy to use and offers uses complete control over their business.  Survey from anywhere without a mobile signal, manage your jobs and your clients on the go and keep on top of your surveying business.

Concise Surveying Process

SurveyIT offers a powerful solution for Asbestos surveyors offering them a repeatable and consistent Surveying process.

Client Portal

Offer your clients a secure portal so they can instantly access their site reports, anytime!

Risk Assessments

SurveyIT enables a surveyor to categorise any Asbestos Containing Material sample and build a Risk and Material assessment. 

Save time

SurveyIT enables surveyors to produce survey reports in less than 30 seconds. Don’t spend hours manually producing reports, use SurveyIT instead. 

ANdroid or apple

SurveyIT works on Apple or Android devices, use your phone or your tablet.

Report Templates

SurveyIT comes with Management and Refurbishment/ Pre-Demolition survey templates.

These templates include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Inspection reports and sample pictures
  • Site Plans
  • An Asbestos Register

Safe and Secure

SurveyIT uses the latest technology from Amazon Web Services to secure and keep your data safe. SurveyIT offers a 100% up time so you can conduct surveys whatever your circumstances.

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